“I am very honored that my brothers have picked me for this award for the second year in a row. I always try to be there for my brothers no matter the situation and it is very gratifying to receive recognition for it. I love being around the house and with my brothers and am extremely grateful for having the chance to be a part of this amazing chapter”

– Michael Grueninger, Senior

In founding Sigma Chi our 7 founders missed someone! Michael Grueninger is the member of your chapter who bleeds Blue and Old Gold. He is the consummate example of the values our Founders laid out when they created Sigma Chi. He is the biggest Sigma Chi cheerleader and can be found wherever Brothers gather – intramurals, Homecoming activities, I-Week events, TV room, etc. Other members may wonder if he owns anything other than Sigma Chi t-shirts since that seems to be all he wears!

He is the “glue” that keeps your chapter running smoothly, even taking on jobs and tasks that no one else wants just to make sure that it gets done and everyone has a good time. Examples may include cleaning up after a recruitment event, running to the store to get more hotdogs for a cookout, setting up for I-Week events, and more. This person may never have been on EC or even held an office.

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