The Lambda chapter of Sigma Chi was chartered at Indiana University on September 10, 1858 – just a few short years after the founding of the fraternity at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on June 28, 1855.

The Civil War interrupted the continuity of many Sigma Chi chapters – including the Alpha Chapter at Miami University. Lambda Chapter persevered through that dark period and today stands as the oldest chapter of Sigma Chi in continuous existence – a distinction we’re very  proud of.  

Lambda Chapter’s alumni represent the best of our fraternity. We have more than 28 Significant Sigs  (highest recognition for professional achievement), 17 Order of Constantine members (highest recognition for service to the fraternity), 3 past Grand Consuls (international president of the general fraternity), and numerous other distinguished members in all walks of life: clergy,  education, politics, business, medicine, science, and others. Among them are men like L.G. Balfour (founder of the college jewelry company) and E.W. Kelley – of Steak and Shake fame, and  namesake of the Kelley Business School at Indiana University. 

During the early years, the Lambda chapter played an active role in campus life. They participated in various activities such as athletics, debate, and music. In 1894, the chapter built a new fraternity house on the corner of 7th Street and Indiana Avenue.Throughout the early 20th century, the Lambda chapter continued to be a strong presence on the Indiana University campus. They were active in various campus organizations and events, and many of their members held leadership positions in student government and other groups.From the 1950s and 1970s, Lambda chapter went through a period of growth and expansion. The chapter’s membership increased, and they built a new fraternity house on the corner of 7th Street and Indiana Avenue. The chapter also became more involved in community service and philanthropy, participating in events such as the annual Sigma Chi Derby Days philanthropy event.In recent years, the Lambda chapter of Sigma Chi has continued to be an active and respected organization on the Indiana University campus. They have a strong tradition of scholarship, leadership, and community service. The chapter continues to participate in various campus events, such as homecoming and Greek Week, and also hosts events for alumni and current members.The Sigma Chi Lambda Chapter has played an important role in the fraternity and in the university community for over a century, and it continues to be a vital organization on the Indiana University campus today.

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