Throughout Sigma Chi, recruitment is a 365-day process of seeking the highest quality men on campus.

The health of an organization is determined by the quality of its members. Founder Isaac M. Jordan, MIAMI (OHIO) 1857, addressed the 15th Grand Chapter in 1884 stressing the importance of member selection. The following is an excerpt from his speech.

“Let me say here, that in my judgment our Fraternity has grown to be what it is, by adhering to the principle with which we started in the beginning, of admitting no man to membership in it who is not believed to be a man of good character, of fair ability, of ambitious purposes and of congenial disposition.

“In a word, by the admission of none but gentlemen; and in no other way can such a society be continued. It is much more important that we should have but few chapters and have them good ones, that we should have but few members and have them honorable ones, than to have many chapters or many members.

“Brother Sigmas, we belong to a society worthy of our highest regard and warmest affection. We are united in the strong and enduring bonds of friendship and esteem. Let us each and all so do our duty and conduct ourselves that we bring no dishonor upon our society or

each other. And we may have the high and proud satisfaction of knowing that our beautiful white cross, at once the badge of ours which does not beat with pure, generous and noble emotions, and by no man who is not a man of honor.”

Founder Jordan’s speech provided the basis for the development of The Jordan Standard designed to ensure that our Fraternity growth is sustained by young men worthy of membership. It represents a minimum set of requirements that we use to evaluate potential members before they are invited to pledge.

Once admitted to our brotherhood, however, it is the responsibility of our members to go beyond these principles and hold themselves accountable to the higher set of ideals found in the Three Great Aims and the ideals associated with each of the Founders.


Sigma Chi International Fraternity requires that, in order to be eligible for pledging, students must have attained an accumulated scholastic grade point average of at least 2.50 on a 4.0 scale or have a GPA at or above the all-men’s average at the host institution specified in the charter of his initiating chapter. If the student, at the time of pledging, is a freshman who has not yet received college grades, then he must have attained one of the following academic standards: 1) Graduated in the top 25 percent of his high school (or equivalent) graduating class or 2) Must have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0. These academic standards shall be considered a minimum and, therefore, chapters may define higher academic standards. See the Fraternity’s Governing Laws for more information concerning pledging and initiation eligibility.


Adopted by the Executive Committee January 22, 2016: Sigma Chi fosters an environment of inclusion within our chapters. Chapters should consider all of the various dimensions of diversity (race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, region and socioeconomic background, etc.). Brothers are challenged to reach out to men who share our values and exemplify different temperaments, talents and convictions.

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