The Issue

As our Fraternity continues to steadily increase, more chapters are faced with a number of legacy considerations for membership. This position statement was created to reinforce the importance of sound recruitment practices and to help guide alumni with legacy questions.


One of the obligations we all share is to recommend high quality men to our chapters. Since our alumni are our greatest source of knowledgeable candidates it is critical they continue to play an integral role in the recruitment process. Often times, a legacy is our most informed candidate, as they have grown up observing not only the dedication of our alumni, but their embodiment of the Jordan Standard.


The Fraternity recognizes one of the lifetime highlights of relatives is to share the Ritual and welcome their family member into the bonds of Sigma Chi. This is not only a gift to the new brother, but it is also a gift to that individual alumnus. If a chapter witnesses this moment between relatives it should serve as a reminder that this fraternal experience is a lifelong commitment. It is therefore encouraged that legacies be given equal treatment during the vetting process for candidacy. If the legacy is not selected, the chapter should be prepared to define what part of the Jordan Standard the legacy did not meet, as is with any and all potential rushees. The Sigma Chi Fraternity’s position is to encourage and welcome legacies who are in accordance with that of our membership criteria.


The Fraternity has taken the following steps to address this issue:

  • Chapter officer information in The Magazine of Sigma Chi
  • Set up an internal email address at headquarters to help the alumnus in the process:
  • Recommendation form found on
  • Developed a recruitment program that educates chapters on ways to recruit quality men (Mission 365)

Frequently asked questions:

Q. How do I get involved with the recruitment process?

A. First you will need to find the chapter’s updated contact information for the Recruitment Chairman and Consul. This can be found by contacting the Headquarters or in The Magazine of Sigma Chi. You may also submit a recommendation form to and we will ensure you receive the proper information for contacting the chapter. After you get in touch with Recruitment Chairman and Consul, schedule a visit to the chapter to introduce yourself and the potential rushee. Try to make an appearance to as many recruitment events as possible.

Q. What do I do if my legacy does not receive a bid?

A. It is important to note that Sigma Chi favors no entitlement toward legacies. Selection into Sigma Chi is based on the undergraduate chapter’s assessment of how well the candidate meets each criteria of the Jordan Standard. If your legacy does not receive a bid please remember that the Sigma Chi Fraternity encourages chapter recruitment 365 days a year. If the interested rushee has graduated then one should follow the NSI process.

Q. Should the chapter and alumnus include the legacy in their mutual conversations?

A. Yes. It is strongly recommended to always include the potential rushee in communication threads, especially if there is a disagreement in selection. To ensure all parties involved with this process are well-informed, it is vital that the communication amongst brothers and legacies is transparent and honest. It is also important for the alumnus to understand that sometimes not every legacy is a good match for every chapter. There have been many cases in the past where the legacy has not adequately informed the recommending brother of his real situation: i.e. the legacy didn’t make an effort during rush, the legacy didn’t want to join the chapter, the legacy’s friends are joining another organization, etc.

Adopted by the Executive Committee during its conference call on April 11, 2014.

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